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Swap Meet

Market spaces are 10 x 20.  An outside space is $45 or $50 for an inside space (dirt floor barn).  Swap Meet  spaces are first come first served. We do not allow firearms or knives/swords to be sold on the grounds.

Contact  Chuck Sittler  at 918-798-4004


Toy Show

Booth rental for our Toy Show is $25 per table or $55 for 10 x 10 space. 

Pam Marrs at


Arts & Crafts

Space is full! Overflow avaiable in the Swap-Meet area. 

Booth rental for our Arts & Crafts Show is $75 for a 8x8, $100 for a 10x10 space inside or $100 for 10x20 outside space.  

Applications being accepted for consideration:
Hand Crafted items
Other Retail Sales, and Direct Sales.

Contact Angie Bengston 918-303-2474


Food Truck 

Registration - Full email to join the waiting list

Please contact for price and availability

Regular Food Vendors we have a waiting list. If you have a specialty item please email us as

Mike Cartwright 918-231-0135


Snack Vendor

Registration - Full email to join the waiting list

Please Contact for price and availability. 

Mike Cartwright 918-231-0135



Contact us today for more information:


918-303-2474 Steam Grounds